maandag 28 februari 2011

Rudra Veena

Hansuman has bought a Rudra Veena and is learning to play it.
A Rudra Veena is an older version of the Sitar (and the surbahar) , and is tuned an octave lower. You can see the picture of this beautifull instrument.
Rudra is one of the names of Shiva Shiva. It is said that Shiva built this instrument.

Playing it will take some practice!
More information on the Veena can be found on Wikipedia:

Information from Hindu-Blog
The origin of some of the important musical instruments associated with Hindu culture is traced back to Shiva. Rudra Veena which is named after Shiva is believed to have been created by Lord Shiva. Rudra is one among the numerous names of Lord Shiva.

Legend has it that the inspiration to create Rudra Veena came to Shiva when he once saw Parvati sleeping with her hands on chest.
Hand of Parvati is the long handle of Rudra Veena, her bangles the frets and her bosom the Tumba or gourds.
It is said that Lord Shiva wanted to surprise Parvati with the music of Rudra Veena when she woke up.
It is also believed that Shiva and Parvati used to dance to the music that emanated from the Rudra Veena.

Another legend has it that Lord Shiva played this instrument when he created the Universe.

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