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dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Podcast en online Full Lotus Kirtan Show Radio

The Full Lotus Kirtan Show airs at 9-10am Mondays online at . The show features national and international music from well-known contemporary kirtan wallahs (Krishna Das,Jai Uttal, Wah, Dave Stringer, David Newman, Ragani, Bhagavan Das, Snatam Kaur, etc.), not-so-well known kirtan wallahs, interviews with kirtaniyas and bhakti yogis, and local and regional (NC, USA) live in-studio kirtan. Thanks for tuning in. 

Podcast Itunes hier / here

SitaRam SitaRam

zaterdag 7 april 2012

New Orleans traditional Jazz funeral

You have to be buried properly for the soul to be at peace, to say nothing of the importance of good burial for the survivors. Dancing at funerals was not only a given in Africa, it was an old (and sometimes prohibited) tradition in Spain, a country with African heritage.

A symbol of life, a symbol of death and a symbol of re-birth, the New Orleans jazz funeral salutes a life well lived and the passage of a departed soul into a better world.

The music at the start of the jazz funerals starts off slow and mournful, out of sorrow and respect for the loss of the departed. As the deceased is laid to rest, he has gone to his reward and the music reflects the joy both of the departed's ascension into paradise, along with a celebration of life.

This funeral harkens back to old African traditions – a belief that life wasn’t over at ‘death.’ The Dahomean and Yoruba of West Africa thought that death, in this world, meant that a spirit could now run free into a new one. Those still living would mourn, yes – but then they could revel in the knowledge that their old friend would be dancing his heart out, on the other side.

Louis Armstrong describes a New Orleans Jazz Funeral in the documentary film Satchmo the Great.
"And, speaking of real beautiful music, if you ever witnessed a funeral in New Orleans and they have one of those brass bands playing this funeral, you really have a bunch of musicians playing from the heart, because as they go to the cemetery they play in a funeral march, they play "Flee As a Bird," "Nearer My God Today," and they express themselves in those instruments singing those notes the same as a singer would, you know.  "

 The reason for rocking the casket, is so he can dance one last time.

Some nice B/W photos from Jazz Funerals dating 1968-1970 you can find here

zondag 18 december 2011

Electronic tanpura / Electronische Tanpura

Hansuman uses an electronic tanpura.
I use an analog version, by Raagini, and an electronic Itanpura version for the iPhone, and now also on the Ipad Itabla.

Itanpura and Itabla is available at the Itunes store, for iPhone, Ipod-touch and Ipad

Itabla on the Ipad (dont mind the trendy intro music :-)

Here is a video of the Raagini
They both sound nice.
Itanpura has more possibilities, it can play 2 tanpuras and other things, you can tweak it more, but if you use it on an Iphone you should put it in airplane-mode, to avoid ringing of your Iphone while chanting or meditating :-)

Itabla Pro on the Ipad is also very usefull for making music, as it can run in the background, while playing on any kind of keyboard or synth on the Ipad (example on video is on 2 Ipads, now you can do this on one)


zondag 27 november 2011

Dhrupad Vocal Music: Raag Bageshree, Gundecha Brothers

 The entire video is in 6 parts

A nice example of Dhrupad Vocal Music is this video of Raag Bageshree by the Gundecha Brothers.

Dhrupad is the oldest existing form of traditional Indian Classical Music. It has evolved from the chanting of the sacred syllable "Om", which has been used as a meditation technique since oldest times. The Sound of "Om" is claimed to be the source of all creation. It has a spiritually purifying effect on the person who is chanting, as well as on the environment. That spiritual depth can be also experienced in a good rendering of Dhrupad music. As a form of classical Indian art the recital of Dhrupad vocal can be traced back to recitations of the Samaveda, one of the oldest classical Sanskrit texts. Dhrupad is following strictly the rules for classical singing, as they are prescribed in the ancient texts. So this art is marked by austerity, giving much emphasis on maintaining the purity of the Ragas and Swaras. 


woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Om Namah Shivay (dhun) recording

Click on the button to open a player in a new window and hear a recording by Hansuman of the Kirtan "Om Namah Shivay (dhun)"
Om Namah Shivay (dhun) van Hansuman


maandag 12 september 2011

Kirtan door bekende zangers - Kirtan by known artists- Youtube

Ieder venster is een playlist met diverse video's die na elkaar afspelen
Each frame is a playlist with various video's who play sequentialy

Krishna Das

Jai Uttal

Dave Stringer

David Newman

Ma Chetan Jyoti

Vaiyasaki Das

donderdag 3 maart 2011

Betoverende Rudra Veena Opname

Als je een betoverende opname van de Rudra Veena wil horen, kijk dan hier.
Download één van de prachtigste opnames van de raga Yaman door Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (Z.M. Dagar).

Eerst op 'zip' klikken, je wordt dan doorverwezen. Daarna RapidPro requiered 'no' klikken, dan 'slown download' kiezen en 60 seconden wachten. Daarna op 'download now' klikken.
Het duurt even maar dan heb je ook wat ;-)

SitaRam SitaRam