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zondag 27 november 2011

Dhrupad Vocal Music: Raag Bageshree, Gundecha Brothers

 The entire video is in 6 parts

A nice example of Dhrupad Vocal Music is this video of Raag Bageshree by the Gundecha Brothers.

Dhrupad is the oldest existing form of traditional Indian Classical Music. It has evolved from the chanting of the sacred syllable "Om", which has been used as a meditation technique since oldest times. The Sound of "Om" is claimed to be the source of all creation. It has a spiritually purifying effect on the person who is chanting, as well as on the environment. That spiritual depth can be also experienced in a good rendering of Dhrupad music. As a form of classical Indian art the recital of Dhrupad vocal can be traced back to recitations of the Samaveda, one of the oldest classical Sanskrit texts. Dhrupad is following strictly the rules for classical singing, as they are prescribed in the ancient texts. So this art is marked by austerity, giving much emphasis on maintaining the purity of the Ragas and Swaras.